Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update to 2013 Rally

Lucy and I have been notified by Tom Johnston from Lazy Days in Seffner, FL that they will be sponsoring a Truck and Travel Trailer Rally the same weekend that ours had been planned for as a way to try to keep a Truck Camper Rally going in the South East. Here is this information from Tom

LazyDays and Lance will be hosting a manufacturer Rally Oct 18,19th.  This will be a Lance hosted event so we will include travel trailer Lance folks (best I could do since Lance picked up the $)…

Here is our itinerary for the Rally.  All truck campers and travel trailers are welcome to join us!  I was able to keep the cost at $25/night.  Lance is paying the rest of the bill.  We will be able to have approx 60 so space will be limited.  If we could go ahead and update your blog, they can register at our Campground 800.626.7800 and ask for Campground.  Dates are Oct 18,19.  Very excited to have been able to keep an event together for the truck campers and travel trailer community.

Please Contact Tom Johnston at Lazy Days 1-800-626-7800 or call the campground to make your reservation.

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